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Medical Qigong Classes

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises. The routines were designed to help your circulation, balance, and alignment, restore your chi (energy), lower stress, ease anxiety, boost the immune system and overall organ health. Classes incorporate both stillness and gentle movements.




Explore Standing Qigong Practices that ‘cultivate internal Qi’ - through guided meditation and breath-work to open meridian pathways, regulate the Five Elements, improve posture/balance and enhance compassion & vitality!

On-line training in the comfort of your home with access to audio/video recordings that support your Kwan Yin Standing Qigong practice.
10 weeks




AKA Chinese Yin Yoga


This series will get us on the mat building core strength, stretching muscles and experiencing the effects of opening the meridians with postures & tendon wringing.


Learn ancient practices to increase your body awareness, activate your Qi, and enhance your respiration/inspiration!

On-line training in the comfort of your home with access to audio/video recordings that support your Daoist Qigong practice.
5 weeks

Taiji pol

Taiji Ruler/ Qi Ball Meditation


We will move off the mat and begin to work with the flow...using both the Taiji ruler and Qi ball...finding fluidity of movement in our center. Experience the key acu-points in the Microcosmic Orbit through self massage, breath work and intention. Learn to balance your Qi!

On-line training in the comfort of your home with access to audio/video recordings that support your MCO Qigong practice.
5 weeks

Get an all-access pass to to Medical Qigong classes with Arlene, to be enjoyed whenever you choose!

Contact me: 613.393.5335 phone message or text

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